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Emmy Award-winning comedian and Travel Channel host Mark DeCarlo and his wife Yeni Alvarez, the Traveling Diva, talk to celebrities, chefs, performers, and anyone who eats and travels for a living. Each week they seek out the best new trips, recipes, and characters, meeting and interviewing the most interesting and entertaining people in America. Contents: ´´Summer Festivals´´: Mark and Yeni talk to Joe Mantegna, Competitive Eating Guru George Shea, ´´Wing King” Drew Cerza, and foodie filmmaker Mark Kleebeck. ´´Europe´´: Mark and Yeni discuss traveling in Europe with Alain Bulow in Venice, Claudio Meli in Florence, Samantha Brown in...her very own house, and dish about Robert DeNiro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Pfeiffer with Jimmy Palumbo. ´´Road Trip USA´´: Mark tries to explain to Yeni why road trips are fun with the help of Cow Chip Throwing organizer Tammy Klein, Route 66 expert Carolyn Graham, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally poobah Christina Steele, and Janelle Wood from ´´Sports, Shows & Food´´: Yeni and Mark explain how best to visit bucket list locales at the perfect time of year, with Spring Training experts Graham Knight and Nick Gandy, Grammy-winning musician Derek Trucks, and founder of Border Grill and Food Channel host Susan Feniger. ´´Adventure Travel´´: Mark and Yeni get off their poolside chaises and seek the best adventure travel around. ´´Out of This World Travel´´: Yeni and Mark blast off to infinity and beyond with guests Steven Attenborough of Virgin Galactic, Dame Helen Mirren, ´´Mile High” Captain Dave, and NASA’s planet hunter Dr. Sara Seagar ´´Jazzfest´´: Yeni and Mark give you everything you need to know about ’Festing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival like a pro. ´´Comic-Con´´: Mark and Yeni discuss insider hacks to make your trip to San Diego’s massive Comic-Con cost-effective and exciting, with guests Emmy-winning animation icon ... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Mark DeCarlo, Yeni Álvarez. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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